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Radicles for wiki
Voice Actor: Ian Jones-Quartey
Age: Teenage
First Appearance: Pilot
Race: Alien
Affiliations: Lakewood Plaza Turbo
Occupation(s): Lakewood Plaza Turbo employee
Relatives: N/A
Alias: N/A
Friends: KO, Enid

Radicles (or Rad) is one of the main characters in the series Lakewood Plaza Turbo. He works as a Lakewood Plaza Turbo employee with K.O and Enid, and his boss Mr. Gar.


Radicles seems to be a bit of a slacker, as he is seen sleeping on the job and moments later, deciding to take a break in the pilot. He also appears to be a bit boastful, as he shows off his special move like it takes no effort. This could either mean that he is a master at his special move or that his special move is extremely weak. He seems to look up to Mr. Gar, as he texted KO something about Mr. Gar being "really cool." It is also learned in the short, "Rad's van" that apparently rad owns a van.


Rad's special move is the Power Poke. The Power Poke forms the shape of a pointing hand and has the ability to push people with considerable force, enough to blast KO into the sky.  


The Demostration of Rad performing a Powerpoke

Rad also has the power to levitate at will. When he does this, he is surrounded by a purple glow and he sits in a crosslegged position.


  • Rad's power poke resembles the Finger Beam technique from the Dragon Ball series.


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